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Initiative Planning - Essay Example

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The issue of health care planning has been one of the contentious issues in the history of the United States. Successful governments have come with policies that are likely to address the issue but there have been not success in coming up with a policy to address the issue…

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Initiative Planning

The control of health sector by the private sector dates back to the time when of development of medical sector and hence it has been difficult for the government to take full charge. (Hartman, 2007)
This paper will come up with an initiative that will provide a plan that can be used by the government to change the heath care system in the country. It will review various aspects of the health care scheme including tax, insurance, government health centers, and other which can help to streamline the health sector.
This heath care plan will come up with various recommendations that can be used as remedy for some of the thorny issue in the health sector. The following are the recommendations that I can make to change the health care system in America
The health insurance scheme in the US has continuously become a burden for the employers. There have been various complain from employers that the cost of health insurance scheme for the workers has been having a heavy impact on the budget and therefore some of the companies have resulted either to reducing the size of the employees or to altering the terms of employment. ...
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