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Subtraction to 100: A Math Method to Master - Essay Example

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Due to increasing technological requirements, the twenty-first century marketplace has even more demands for literates in mathematics and science. It is the job of today’s teachers to adequately prepare their students for such a marketplace…

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Subtraction to 100: A Math Method to Master

The basics must yet be mastered; and thus the need for math fact accuracy and fluency. The basics include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. What follows is a program designed to develop students' accuracy and automation in subtraction math facts to 100. A method by Ben-Avie, Ensign, & Haynes called Active-participant Learning is suited for learning subtraction (2003). In this method, the class operates in a way that learning is active; and is propelled by adult guidance and by social influences of group interaction and teamwork (Ben-Avie, Ensign, & Haynes, 2003). Bill Handley, in his book Speed Math for Kids, details techniques for easy subtraction (2005). He said that since most of us find addition easier than subtraction, we can subtract multiples of ten and give back the extras. For example, to subtract 7 you subtract 10 and add (give back) 3. Another technique of his is for subtracting numbers near the same tens value. You can draw a circle below the number you are subtracting and write in the amount you need to make that certain tens value. Then add the number in the circle to the amount the first number is above the said tens value. For example, let us subtract 37 from 46. The common tens value would be 40. Thus to get the answer, just add 3 and 6 for an easy answer of 9. This turns subtraction into addition. ...
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