The Visitation of the Gods (Cordero-Fernando Gilda)

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The plot of the story under consideration is marked by both internal and external conflict. The internal conflict exists in the form of the tussle between the ideals of Miss Noel as a teacher and her low profile, but discernable ambition as a young person.


Sawit and Miss Noel as to teaching and education. The writer does succeed in creating a sense of apathy by exploiting expected events. The plot is unconventional and the events effortlessly flow into each other to give way to a sense of unity
Miss Noel, a young and idealistic teacher is the main protagonist, which acts as a suitable foil to the somewhat less upright and opportunistic Principal and the supervisors. The characters in the story are somewhat flat, especially the visiting officials. The writer on purpose has kept the antagonists flat to enhance the sense of apathy and hopelessness permeating the story. This provides a suitable and grave background against which is depicted the internal conflict in the protagonists' consciousness that is Miss Noel. The grossness of the characters indicated by the expressions like "the supervisors, with murmured apologies, belched approvingly" do contributes to the filthy ethical environment in the play.
In the story 'The Visitation of the Gods', Gilda Cordero-Fernando intricately uses the setting as a background against which unfolds the contrived yet disgusting drama of school inspection. At the very start of the story, the austere setting of the school is elaborately highlighted to depict the ordinariness and unquestioning helplessness of the school staff. ...
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