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Consumer Behaviour (case study milk) - Essay Example

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Advertising influences perception of brand, the product and decision to purchase. In Australia, milk industry uses a marketing mix strategy to create a unique image of the product and appeal to emotions of potential buyers. It order to increase its target audience, the milk producers reposition themselves with two main campaigns, B&S Ball and "Milk-legendary Staff".

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Consumer Behaviour (case study milk)

As a result, many buyers share a favorable attitude toward Australian milk. The new advertising campaign helps the milk industry appeal to new target audience. "It portrays milk drinkers as likely to have more stamina and to have a better time as beer drinkers" (Case study). In this case, behavior patterns of buyers are influence by quality decisions and unique qualities of the product. This behavior patterns represent how a product is associated with unique personal image and health-conscious appeal (Brock et al 1994).
Another step is to reposition the product and change "the way people view milk as s beverage" (Case study). In a short period of time, success is due in part to the product's association with prestige and new lifestyle. The message is reinforced in advertising that urges new buyers to join this group. The milk industry uses the same characters, James and Tom, with sex appeal. Personal values are considered important consumer behavior elements because they serve as determinants of attitudes and have manifested themselves in the formation of buying motives and brand attitudes. Personal values are better predictors of activity preference than demographic variations. ...
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