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My names are Mr. Haizu Truon and I am a student in the Dental Hygiene Program class duly to graduate by the academic year 2010. Firstly, am writing this letter as an expression of my gratitude to both the committee and the Vice president Student life, for committing your precious time to consider my case.


Am ready and willing to re-sit the course next time it is offered.
Following the notification on my grades, I did book for an appointment with both of my dental hygiene instructors and I verbally notified them of my disgraceful score. Additionally, I notified the dean for the dental hygiene department of the same within forty eight hours upon receipt of my grade notification. Dr. Issie advised me on various options available to me as to how I could handle my grade and maintain in the program. I opted to appeal to you since this was the superlative choice instead of retaking each and every class all over again.
At the onset of past semester, I struggled with my periodontal and seminar classes, but as we progressed I adopted a new study skill which yielded an improvement in my studies. Also, I utilized the UNT library fully for all my classes and thus I was fully confident that I was to pass all of my dental hygiene courses. Unfortunately, I was hit by a number of unanticipated interferences during my final week: I failed one of my full mouth radiology (FMR) patient; I also had another Full Mouth Radiology patient on the same day, however, this patient provided the wrong contact information and was speaking in a Spanish accent. ...
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