Substandard Patient Care or Health Care Delivery Paper

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Victorio Nalzaro is a 52 year old laborer who was admitted last January 9, 2006 for 15 days. The attending physician's diagnosis was pleural effusion Left Prob. Sec. to Pulmonary Tuberculosis community acquired pneumonia 111 and Hypertension.
Four years ago, Mr.


Five years later, since his last admission due to Upper respiratory infection, he was again admitted for three days due to URI accompanied with Rheumatoid Arthritis and in the month of September 2005, he was treated for Gastritis.
Anywhere around the world, there seemed to be an outbreak of Respiratory infections which includes viruses such as the influenza virus, SARS, and now the avian flu virus. Respiratory illness is a common chronic health problem and places a significant financial burden on the health care system. Respiratory symptoms are significantly higher among poorer children, those in the inner city, and among minority populations. Immigrants from outside North America and Europe constitute over twenty percent of Metro Toronto residents, yet relatively little is known about their experience of respiratory illness. (Thompson et. Al. 2004)
There have been many organizations that focus on the needs of the ill older adults. NHS organisations in England recognises the importance of the NSF for Older People and the emerging practice and policies related to this, such as Intermediate Care, the single assessment process, the 1999 Health Act Flexibilities and has responded by re-focusing its activity to realign more closely with the local and national priorities. (2005)
Published in 2001, this NSF focuses on people who are over 50 and still active but who need to be able to maximise and maintain their health as well as ...
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