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global warminig

Greenhouse effect has caused a lot of uncertainties and therefore most governments have signed the Kyoto Protocol aimed at controlling the greenhouse gas emission.2
Global warming is mainly caused by the greenhouse gases. The main greenhouse gas causing it water which is in vapor form which account for 30%-70% of the greenhouse effect, others are carbon dioxide which accounts for 9%-26%, methane, ozone and sulfate aerosols. Carbon dioxide and methane production have increased by 149% and 31% since 1750.3
Scientists have agreed that this is mainly due to mans activity of poor land management, especially due to cutting down of trees. The issue of industrial revolution has also lead increased carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Other causes of global warming are the natural and internal processes on the earth's surface such as the solar activity and volcanic emission. Meaning that even if mans activity could cease, global ceasing could still continue.4
Global warming cause water to evaporate into the atmosphere and since water is a greenhouse gas it leads to more increased global warming. This cause the cycle to continue. The result is that the humidity is increased.
Global warming has caused the temperatures on the earth surface to rise and this has made the earth more inhabitable. ...
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Global warming is the continuous in the temperature of the earth surface and the oceans which began some decades ago. It was first discovered in 1824 by J. Forier who described it as the process of production and absorption of infrared radiation by atmosphere leading to an increase in temperature of the earth.1
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