Data Model and Data Flow Diagram Assignment

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PresRX is a new online pharmacy that wants to provide prescription and non-prescription drugs to Canadian consumers. When a customer goes online, he is shown the drugs PresRX sells. To make the shopping easy, we allow the customer to search our products based on the following categories: pharmaceutical company, product type (prescription or non-prescription), drug type (antibiotics, antidepressant drugs or vitamins or cold/ flu drugs etc.), problems (like allergies or pain relief etc.) and the main ingredient (like penicillin).


As the customer starts selecting products, the customer is given a "shopping cart". At the end, the customer can check out the shopping cart. At this time, he will be asked for personal information as well as login information for future purposes. The personal information includes the email, gender and date of birth in addition to the usual personal information needed for online shopping. He is also asked for credit card information (PresRX accepts only Master, Visa and American Express). Since PresRX also sells prescription drugs, if the "shopping cart" for the customer contains a product that is available only by prescription, the customer must provide the physician's information as well. This information will include the physician's name, address, specialty, phone number, email, fax number and hospital/clinic affiliation (we care about only the clinic that our customer goes to). (If the physician's info is not provided, we will contact the customer and obtain the info.) The customer can also select the shipping method: we provide overnight, standard air and standard ground. ...
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