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Coaching Analysis Flow

Dominance and high ego, lack of strategic vision and inability to delegate authority lead performance deficiencies and poor performance of the team. I know this person for 6 years and can objectively describe advantages and disadvantages of his style and approach to coaching. The problem is that poor communication and lack of coordination prevents the team from effective performance and positive outcomes. The facilitator, I am working with, has no such important interpersonal skills as empathy, motivation, and communication. What has received considerably less attention than the skills is that appropriate application of these skills requires a thorough understanding of one's social setting, or social intelligence. Social intelligence has been defined in a variety of ways (Aldrich 2006). One of the ways in which executive leaders co-opt stakeholders is through their relationships with the members of their boards of directors. The main problems are caused by inability to forecast possible problems outside the team and lack of coordination between the facilitator and the team. ...
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People pursue careers to achieve stability, security, relationship with others, personal growth, and ultimately status, prioritizing these goals according to their personal value system. For much of the past century, when the drive for careers matured as a goal in offers of employment and in vocational development, this was a very tenable and fulfilling pursuit…
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