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Essay example - What is meant by predictive validity Why are assessment centres considered to have greater predictive validity than facetoface interviews

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In today's highly competitive world markets personnel assessment and selection is one of the key methods available to organizations to ensure that they have effective workforces (Smith & Robertson, 1993). Acquiring and retaining high quality personnel is seen as key to organizational success (Shakleton & Newell, 1997), and successful selection and assessment of staff therefore presents a significant challenge to organizations, particularly in the face of growing skill shortages (Cunrow, 1989) and forecasts of a considerable drop in the numbers of young people that will be available for work in the decade ahead (Warr, 1996)…

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In particular, the prevalence of the traditional employment interview as the primary selection method will be compared to the alternative methods of cognitive ability tests and biographical data.
Whilst the assessment and selection process provides information for decisions by both the employer and the potential employee, this is not the traditional view as employment decisions have long been regarded as a management prerogative (Torrington & Hall, 1991). However, given the predicted skill shortages and the fact that selection is also concerned with the future life plans of individuals, the predictive validity of selection methods is an important issue (Meijer, 1998) both for organizations and for individuals. ...
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