Applied Marketing Management

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This report outlines a new approach for managing brands that brings the process into line with recent advances in the management of flatter, customer-facing organizations. This report also argues, with Marks & Spencer taken as a the brand to analyse, that the traditional marketing and brand-building approach, characterized by a narrow, product-focussed selling proposition, no longer adds sufficient customer value.


The report discusses and analyse the overall brand management at Marks & Spencer. This report starts with a brief history and Marks & Spencer and about Marks & Spencer's brand and then extends further discussing its advertisement, brand equity, positioning etc. Main information is gathered through the internet and magazines and the analysis is also done with the help of the above mentioned sources. In the end recommendation are also given in the light of the discussions throughout the report.
Marks & Spencer commonly known "M & S" is one of the top British retailer companies. It is ranked amongst the most prestigious chain of stores in the UK and is the largest clothing retailer in the UK by turnover. It also is a multi-billion pound food retailer. Most of its shops sell both of these categories. Marks & Spencer also has a third product line related to home wares such as bed linen, but this is far smaller than the other two. For much of the 20th century M&S was regarded as the leading retailer in the United Kingdom, and an icon of British business. ...
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