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Mysterious mythology

According to the myth, the brave hero Marduk kills a human embodiment of Tiamat and builds a new Universe. "First, he splits Tiamat's fallen body into two parts. With one half of her body, he creates the visible heavens; the other half he secures in the Underworld with a bolt, so that her waters cannot escape" (Alford, 2005). Then, Marduk constructs Heaven and organizes new constellations. Thus, the main scenario is following : 'The Order struggled the Chaos and won the right to possess Unviverse". The personification of the Order is an immortal hero, who is able to construct as well as destruct, so on the ruins of Chaotic Universe he builds a new one, which follows his strict rules and fits his scheme. It is important to mention that the myth also refers to an archetype of rebirth, since the body of fallen Apsu-Tiamat was used to create a new universe.
Egyptian creation myth has many similarities, even though it is geocentric and narrates about the 'old Earth' which turned to chaotic state, since it existed between death and living. The character of the Great God frees the Earth from its body - and takes up, to the skies. ...
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Mythology is a necessary part of ancient folklore, and they are transmitted from generation to generation as an important aspect of belief. Myths to a great extent reflect beliefs of ancient people, who adored natural powers as parts of a great deity. In this essay, I would like to examine there myths: Enuma Elish, Greek creation and Egyptian creation, which illustrate the mentality of ancient people belonging to these civilizations.
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