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This chapter in "Our Final Hour" by Sir Martin Rees provides an overview regarding the tremendous risks to which humanity and even the cosmos are exposed to when scientists undertake experiments with a potentially calamitous outcome. The author tackles how some experiments pose substantial threat to the universe.


Rees notes that some experiments, say launching of single nuclear weapon, are known to render threat to life on Earth. However, the magnitude of the impact of such experiments may not be amply intense to destroy the whole world. On the contrary, the author asserts that there are some physics experiments performed mainly for the purpose of pure scientific inquiry that could possibly pose global or even cosmic threat.
For instance, device known as particle accelerators have been created to aid in the study of particle composition of the world. This machine is primarily utilized to investigate about most extreme energies and temperatures. Unbeknownst to many, such experiments that entail the smashing of atoms are said to possibly have disastrous effects on the universe.
The author elaborates that this type of experiments may generate unprecedented concentration of energy which may lead to different catastrophic scenarios. This first scenario entails the formation of black hole that sucks in everything around it. However, Albert Einstein disputed this claim as the energy requirement for the formation of black hole is significantly greater than the amount of energy generated with the collision experiment. The second scenario involves the formation of strangelet, which is described as reassembled quarks. ...
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