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Digital Audio Industry

There is, however, a transition in progress. Much of the audio equipment used today is digital inside. The development of digital technology in the last half a decade has been significant to changing the way people communicate. The market is set to welcome a digital audio networking technology.
The various advantages of digital over analog signals include that you can pick up or transmit multiple audio signals over a single connection. Digital signals are also less prone to attenuation and noise, and the degradation and delay that the multiple A/D and D/A conversions can be avoided. The process of audio distribution, processing, and even mixing can be undertaken in a digital domain.
Despite these advantages, however, digital distribution has not become as popular as investors would have hoped or expected. Unfortunately, the principle reason for the lack of popularity and the low rates of sales is quite simply that the digital products offered so far can be described as both proprietary and inflexible.
A viable product to introduce to the market at this point - to put an end to this digital resistance is one that is groundbreaking in the field of digital audio networking technology. ...
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Audio media is an inseparable and important part of any business today. A good audio input can make a business venture a success. Televisions, radios, CD players, cassette players, MP3 players, mobile phone, rotary phones, intercom systems, and even the internet is a form of audio media…
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