The external factors the will have an impact on the future of the clients business

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Competition, environmental issues, culture and social aspects are but the few of the many external factors that a business needs to consider before expanding. By providing a well research report I aim to answer the clients concerns about the external factors that will have an impact on the future of her business.


There has not been noted any significant changes within this external environment that will impact on the client.
Expansion is the key to unlocking business success and business competitiveness. But in order for the client to effectively evaluate where they stand in terms of business expansion possibilities a clear and defined topic related research has to be understood. This will enhance the chances of success while limiting the chances of future business failure. The benefits of the tourism industry in relation to travel are that it is an industry that is constantly growing and changing.
The raison d'etre of an industry is clearly economic, but the sustained economic success can also have environmental, social and cultural benefits. As Europe's largest industry with great opportunities for employment there can be no let up in the efforts to ensure that tourism continues to prosper and grow."
The main concern when a company is entering a new market is whether the political and legal environemt will allow room for the business. The client is part of the EU ccommunity which aims to implement progress in all the political and legal aspects of all the community members. ...
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