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Essay example - Conflict Management

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It is a generic term starting from misunderstanding to irritation, structure breakdown and non-cooperation. The symptoms of conflict are confrontation, strikes lockouts, closure, agitation, destructions, obstructions, and breakdown, etc.
Conflict within breakdown in the standard mechanism of decision-making and it occurs when an individual or a group experience difficulty in selecting an alternative…

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Individual conflict can also occur because of his different positions and roles with the organization. The individual can also create conflict within himself if there are too many ambiguities contained in his position. Therefore there are a number of reasons for conflicts, which an individual experiences within the confinement of his job duties.
All conflicts are basically inter-personnel conflicts because most of the conflicts involve conflict between a person in one organization or a group and another person in other organization or a group. Inter-personnel conflict can be presented in terms of different levels of obstruction. Inter-personnel conflict may lead to delay in decision-making or may arise either due to distortion in the structure form or because of the complexity of individual needs. Inter-personnel conflict has the tendency to resolve itself because of the conflicting parties are not able to continue in a tense situation for a very long time. Time is the healing factor for interpersonal conflicts. It is the time factor, which normally helps to resolve interpersonal conflicts.
In inter-organizational conflicts, the external environment like social institutions, group dynamism, and culture of the group a ...
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