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Essay example - online blog research

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Designing a website to market a product line begins with the overview of what the firm expects from the website. This will be driven by what the customer needs, and what the site's visitors expectations will be. The myriad aspects must include usability and user-friendliness…

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These considerations carry even more weight when we explore the factors that will determine a successful website that markets toys.
The complexity of marketing toys on the Internet begins with the target audience. The website offering toys will be visited by young children, their parents, and grandparents. There will be vast differences in Internet capability and a wide variety of tastes. The site should be simple enough to navigate for a 10-year-old child, yet offer the sense of security and trust required for an adult to feel comfortable. The test of 3 websites offered by major toy retailers showed some important differences in usability across age groups.
To begin the investigation, we attempted to shop for two toys on,, and These sites were selected by their prominence on the major search engines, which indicate they are probably most selected by consumers. While and are for general toys, has a niche market for educational toys. We looked for an erector set for a ten-year-old boy, and a Barbie doll for a ten-year-old girl. While used age brackets, such as 3-4 and 5-7 years of age, and listed each age below 8 separately. ...
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