Is self-confidence necessary for effective leadership

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The notion that because somebody is being followed by others does not automatically mean that he is a leader; a person may follow somebody because he is being paid, intimidated, forced, or may have been deceived (Soriano, E. F., 2004).
The strict meaning of self-confidence is "confidence in yourself and your own abilities (Encarta Dictionary, 2006)." Self-confidence means assurance, belief in yourself and your abilities without any doubt.


Learning to be lowly and learning to be small will make us great somedayThere is a great host of leaders recorded in the Bible. If we have to learn their ways, faith, principles, and beliefs, we will come to the inevitable conclusion that these great leaders like Moses, Noah, Peter, Paul, and many others, was found to be able and successful leaders because they have learned to accept that they are nothing; that the Creator is able to produce great things from nothing. Nothingness is the best place and idea to start a creation. When we do something out of something that already exists, we fashion it in a manner by which we always consider the kind of material that exist; but everything is possible, and every idea can be freely conceived if you create something out of nothing like what God have done (Soriano, E. F., 2004).
Hollenbeck and Hall also mentioned in their article that "Leader's self-confidence causes followers to believe in the capabilities of the leader and the direction set." Contrary to that, Soriano said that "A leader, in the truest sense of the word, must be someone being followed intelligently by followers of understanding. ...
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