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Since the beginning of civilization, women have always had a hard way to go, as it concerns their rights, freedoms, and treatment. Always having to be subjected to a man, they were never able to be the person that they wanted to be. It was only in the twentieth century that they were allowed to have the equality that they deserved, accept that this only concerns affluent and developed countries because in more poorer countries, women still have to struggle to be seen as equals.


Three books give us a great deal of information concerning the problems with gender today.
The first book titled "Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace" describes the treatment of women in China. To give us a clear picture of what the women are facing, the author gives us information on how work was in China before new laws were set in place to improve matters. People did not have the freedom of choice. They had to work where they were told, and they could not be what they wanted. Then, everything changed. New laws have changed the way that people work in China. They are no longer obligated to farm; they can work where they'd like to (Ngai 2005). They have more room to get to their fullest potential.
Though people in China are able to work where they'd like and choose the careers in which they wish to pursue, many of those working in the cities are not local residents. They can only work in the cities as temporary residents, never attaining permanent citizenship because once their employment is terminated, they must return back to their home villages. ...
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