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Essay example - Reward and Performance

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The cognisance over aspects that motivates employees on the job has been on the rise in past years. One of the manager's basic responsibilities is to instruct, converse with, and motivate workers (Drucker, 1985). Therefore, they perpetually seek solutions to how to stimulate workers to generate performance and productivity, and how it can be maintained continuously…

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In contrast, survey carried out by Kenneth Kovach depicted that employee's ranked good wages fifth among their top ten job reward factors. Therefore, there appears to be a difference in ideology of what motivates employees (Kovach, 1995). Motivation revels when in an organisation considers all factors affecting performance. (Ruebusch, 2003). These factors include individual needs, nature of the job i.e. degree of job challenge and goal clarity, job design, job security, organisational climate, a sense of personal significance, stability of expectations, recognition, trust, honest communication, dignity and respect, as well as an equitable reward system which will be discussed in great detail in the proposed thesis.
The exigency to motivate employees with desirable rewards has hitherto salvaged a significant level of importance; this is because rewards can serve as motivators but could also have negative reactions should that supposed merit falls below employee's expectations. Therefore, this thesis seeks to examine the impact of valued rewards on performance in the banking industry utilizing the expectancy theory and two factor theory of motivation framework, while introducing other factors that influence the activity levels of performance.
From my critical research on the literature on motivation, as well as the growing need by ...
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