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Life is all about striking a right balance between important things. Priorities differ from person to person but one of the most important aspects of good life is the right diet. Our body requires sufficient nourishment to support us at work or for that matter at any other important place; hence it becomes imperative for every human being to look after their body well.


.. meanwhile they are spending $200 or more per month on blood pressure drugs, type-2 diabetes drugs, etc." (Eating Healthy)
Good health is all about taking a balanced diet, there are no hidden secrets of how to have a good health. Diet majorly constitute towards good health, there is no denying that there are other factors like habits etc but diet is one of the most important factors to keep in the pink of health. It is firmly believed that a single substance cannot completely nourish the body, hence it is good to take a variety of healthy products like fruits, vegetables, sprout, Fish, Meat etc. Cereals and pulses are also one of the most important constituents which form my diet. It is extremely important to consume Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, Fibre and Mineral salts. One should make it a point to eat fruits every day; this ensures sufficient Fibre intake takes place in my body.
To satisfy other important aspects, one should make it a point to include meat, cereals and pulses etc in my diet. One should drink a lot of water to ensure sufficient mineral intake, in addition to this one must drink fruit juices to ensure that there is good energy to burn at work or when working out in the gym.
Obesity has become a major issue in many countries like the US. ...
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