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Assignment example - Time Delay Disputes in Construction Contracts

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The construction industry is one of those industries that is prone to time related delays and even disputes. It is therefore important for all the stakeholders to be well informed about the steps and procedures available to them in case such scenarios arise.

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Internal environments usually consist of scheduling issues; i.e. if the construction process was poorly scheduled. Additionally, it may comprise of certain financial problems or changed orders. Exogenous factors largely consist of external elements such poor weather or government laws and regulations. Inputs factors that may lead to delays in construction are largely related to the issue of manpower shortage. (Sweis, 2008)
In other words, delays may either be non excusable or excusable. For instance, when a delay is caused by labour disputes, unusual deliveries, and transportation deals that had not been foreseen or other causes that could not be predicted, then the affected party can consider forgiving the offending party. However, in other instances, then delays cannot be excused by the offending party. For example, when delays occurred during ordinary weather or when the subcontractor failed to meet his/her end of the bargain. It is also inexcusable to delay a construction if the project site was poorly coordinated. This may also be a problem when the contractor fails to finance the project properly or when there was poor workmanship, delays in material acquisition among others things. When a delay is caused by any of the latter factors, then it is likely that that person found guilty of the offense will be liable to pay damages. (Fewings & Jones, 2005)
The first aspect that is involved in dealing with the disputes is mitiga ...
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