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Film And Ideology In "Blue Velvet By David Lynch

On the other hand, a meticulous observation of the scenes that includes even the minutest details in the movie would aid in identifying the different philosophies that the movie wants to present to its viewers.
The characters had at the same time played their parts well such that they were able to deliver the roles they play at par. The actors represented different characters that reveal the deepest secrets in a small suburban town in America. These secrets that were revealed by the film illustrate the fact that even in small towns that look peaceful and serene; a nightmare could lie beneath its surface.
Unlike any other movies in the 80s, David Lynch has been successful in creating various symbolisms in the movie "Blue Velvet." From a town that is overwhelmed with bright white fences, blood red fire trucks running along the streets, as well as the pruned roses in the gardens of every household, Lynch was able to transcend meaning through these objects that can be observed during the entire length of the movie. Even the first scenes of the movie where the lead character, Jeffrey Beaumont, had found a severed, ant-infested human ear near a glassy trail had its own significant symbolism in the story. ...
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One of the most controversial yet the most influential film in 1986 was David Lynch's "Blue Velvet" that had obtained numerous criticisms that either favors to the movie and his style in delivering the different ideologies that the movie suggests. This mystery-thriller investigates the peaceful and the cheerful surface of the American suburban area that deals with the different issues confronting the society such as violence, corruption, drug abuse, crime, as well as perversion…
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