Book Review of When Healing Becomes a Crime: The Amazing Story of the Hoxsey Cancer Clinics and the Return of Alternative Therapies by Kenny Ausubel

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Among topics that assume prominent position in contemporary public discussions devoted to health issues the confrontation between traditional medical establishment and the so-called alternative medicine is especially notable. Indeed, an insightful observer of this conflict, which does not seem to be losing dynamics with time, might wonder how this situation could emerge in the first place, considering the immense importance of the health care segment for which any ambiguity in place of a clear vision of available and reliable methods of treatment, especially on such a fundamental level, can hardly offer any advantage.


During the course of his book, the author manages to demonstrate what factors have influenced the development of the current medical practices, and some of those factors are definitely not very comforting.
One of the specific topics that were of the great interest to me in the book and turned out to be almost a revelation was the fact that despite testimonies of cancer surgeons about numerous accounts of "people who got well when they weren't supposed to" (Ausubel, 2000, ch.2), the medical establishment, represented by the American Medical Association (AMA), acted to suppress alternative cancer therapies under such pretences as for example that their proponents in reality had no medical skill, while AMA itself was lead by Dr. Morris Fishbein who ". . . failed anatomy in medical school . . . never completed his internship . . . [and] never practiced a day of medicine or treated a single patient . . ." (Ausubel, 2000, p.117). ...
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