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Royal Beatings By Alice Munro

Alice is very honest and straightforward and though in another critic she told that, "It all comes full-blown from the heavens-I don't know where it comes from." (Douglas Gibson, n.d.). She in her writings combines the both reality and her imagination she scrutinize from the real scenario. She says, "It's all suggested by something I see, I hear, I read about." (Douglas Gibson, n.d.). However, this critic may follow up with the story's basic theme. It criticizes the protagonist and antagonist of the story and their relation adding up with the situations defining the situations of the story. The critic ends up with brief words about the thesis analysis.
"Royal Beatings" is a story of a poor family, where parents run small business for their revenue. Father runs a small furniture repair business at back of house and mother Flo who is step-mom of a daughter Rose and having her own son Brian runs a small grocery store in front of the house. Flo marries the rose father in sympathy to breed up Rose as her mother died when she was a baby. ...
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Royal Beatings", story written by Alice Munro. Alice Munro is not a bad writer but not a good writer as well. She wrote about the feelings and emotions of women in different circumstances but not a feminist. Her writings are famous as they are short and heart touching stories but on other hand, she lacks with the skills to make her best as she takes too long the predictions with very little character development…
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