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Testing Usaability of Web Page - Essay Example

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Usability is the use of tools items and designs of any kind that are profitable in terms of their functionality and usage value. (Usability first, 2002-2005) There is a kind of connection between the computer and the user, tools and the user in any working scenario…

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Testing Usaability of Web Page

There is interaction between the user of a computer and computer as a machine that transmits information across when it is used by the user. It's a kind of communion that takes place between the user and the computer with varying results. For instance the user uses the input devices to get message through in the form of what he has typed -email, chat or other stratagems at his disposal. Machine works to get the message across through variety of forms chosen by the user. Usability then refers to a system of teeming reality in which human and machine inter connect and communicate through in put and out put devices of the system which has been used . User interface is a way through which machine and human communicate a system.
The appropriate criterion of assessing usability is in the significance of the system that is used by all. For users usability is meaning full because it enables them to find out about how they performed tasks fruitfully or had problems in completing them. For a developer usability is the success or failure of the system... For management productivity of work force holds eminence because failure of a system means no profit. Interface Designers learn designer guidelines and designer principles to get feedback about the system they have constructed from the people who use it. Users
Designers, developers and management have standards by which usability can be assessed, and th ...
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