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Calgon Water Softeners

Johann A. Benckiser set up a chemical business ten years later to Colman setting up his business and the two companies became rivals for two centuries. Isaac Reckitt in around 1840 also setup a company that dealt in starch, polish, washing blue and other household products. His company went international within forty years. Colman and Reckitt merged in 1938 and formed Reckitt & Colman Ltd.
Reckitt Benckiser is divided into two sections, the fabric care and surface care. The fabric care deals with products such as water softeners, pre wash treatment products, easy ironing aids, fabric softeners, etc. The Surface care section deals with all types of surface products like specialty cleaners, lavatory cleaners, surface polish, etc.
Water containing high quantities of magnesium, calcium and other dissolved minerals is called hard water; hard water leaves layers of mineral deposits on surfaces that come in contact with it this deposit is generally termed as "limescale". It reduces the cleansing power of soap. "Water is described as "hard" when it contains too much calcium. This can be a problem, because the calcium prevents soap from lathering properly, and it also clogs up pipes" (Thomas 19).
Due to this nature of hard water it causes failure of detergent to foam which reduces the performance of the detergent and initiates use of more detergent. ...
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Calgon water softeners were launched in 1956 by Benckiser and he continued to be the leader in detergents and fabric softeners. And in the year 1999 both these companies merged together and formed Reckitt Benckiser the world's leading makers of household cleaning products…
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