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The social sciences approach research from many different perspectives, for example psychological, sociological and cultural. The article "Differences in personality traits across ethnic groups within New Zealand and across an international sample" by Packman, Brown, Englert, Sisarich, and Bauer (2005), will be critiqued using a psychological perspective to investigate personality across ethnic groups.


Finally, a comparison of the Packman et al study shall be made with two other research articles that have investigated the psychology of personality in regards to ethnic groups.
Packman et al (2005) undertook their research in light of the lack of literature investigating personality difference between ethnic groups in New Zealand, especially in regards to employment selection procedures. They stipulate that empirical study of personality traits has been ignored as compared to cognitive differences between ethnicities. It is of concern to Packman et al that personality assessment data pertaining to ethnic differences has been ignored because:
A personality assessment is considered to produce an adverse impact when the individuals of a specific demographic group are less likely to be selected for employment than individuals of other demographic groups (Cook, 1998 as cited in Packman et al., 2005 p. ).
Further, Packman et al. state that personality differences can add to findings of cognitive differences and so provide more depth of information of potential employee's suitability for job performance.
The article of Packman et al. had several main points. ...
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