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Essay example - relationship between the brand personality and purchase intention through the use of Country of Origin (COO) image and by illustrating how this impacts the intention of purchase

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The main reason behind the publishing of this report has been that it shows a distinct relationship between the brand personality and purchase intention through the use of Country of Origin (COO) image and by illustrating how this impacts the intention of purchase.

Extract of sample

The hypotheses was acknowledged through an analysis of the auto industry of China and the validation was carried out by taking into account the auto brand of Honda of Japan.
The questionnaire was divided into two parts, the first part weighed the COO image, purchase intention, brand personality and subjective knowledge that the consumer possessed about the product; the second part was the registering of information the persons.
The result that came out was that it was clearly established that the purchase intention is positively affected by the brand personality and the COO image. It was found that the positive COO image acted as an encouraging sign between the brand personality and purchase intention and so it would tend to increase positive brand personality and its impact on purchase intention. However if there was a negative COO image then this tend to lower the positive impact of brand personality on the purchase intention. Further it was found that if a company had a negative COO and had a weak brand personality it would still have a higher purchase intention than that of a company with a positive COO image and a weak brand personality.
The report clearly suggests that there are issues like COO image which adversely affect the relationship between brand personality and purchase intention. ...
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