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I'd like to begin by clarifying that there are two reasons for our susceptibility to malicious software. The first is the presence of holes and security vulnerabilities in both our operating system and our hardware. The second is the very nature of our identity as a profit-making company.


The consequence was that the company suffered a land attack which subsequently forced our networks into a "ping of death" (Liu, Yu, and Jing, 2005). This means that the network was forced into the continued and repetitive transmission of packages which exceeded the allowable size. As you may well recall, the DoS attack paralyzed our systems and cost us in excess of $150,000.
Attacks which exploit security holes in hardware and software systems are quite common. Apart from the above described incident, the company was subjected to a second attack as a direct outcome of a security hole in its Cisco IOS router. This, the most popular corporate router, had a serious security flaw which the company only identified after the release of the router and even then did not inform users about (Zetter, 2006). Consequently, our company, just like countless others was attacked through this security hole.
In the second place, our identity renders us the target of attacks. It is unlikely that any hacker would deliberately target your daughter's computer and infect it with a Trojan Horse but where we are concerned, the issue is quite different. As a profit-making organization, we represent potentially financially lucrative information (Rhodes-Ousley, Bragg, and Strassberg, 2003). ...
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