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As a direct result of a training needs assessment completed in May, 2006, several new training programs have been developed. The result of the assessment produced twenty-seven highly informative replies that have been received with great appreciation. The goal in these new program developments was to provide each employee with the necessary skills required to complete their daily job tasks, as well as to improve employee morale.

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Memo Editing

1. Making the Most of Computers. Review of computer operations and provides hands-on experience in using the company's four main software packages: word processing, spreadsheet; data-base management and graphics.
2. Keeping Customers Happy. Covers methods for: answering the telephone and correspondence, policies for handling complaints, requests for adjustment, and general marketing goals relative to customer service.
For an employee to attend any of these courses, they must provide a signed authorized form to the Human Relations Office, located in Room 117, a week prior to the start of the course. All necessary forms are included in this packet.
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