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Essay example - Direct Democracy

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The electoral system in the US is such that there are only two political parties to the congress - the Democratic and the Republican parties. External funding is required to get candidates elected. The implication of this is that individual representatives must compromise their own values and those of the electorate, in order to conform to the party ideology…

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Direct Democracy is a form of government in which all citizens can directly participate in the decision-making process. (Direct Democracy Campaign, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).
Daniel B. Jeffs, founder, The Direct Democracy Center, states that the problems are due to the Government being too large and too dangerously powerful. He firmly believes that elected representatives are corrupted by a deeply flawed system that seduces them with money and power to gain and remain in office, or seek higher office and that in this process it has disenfranchised the overall electorate. Finally, he states that this system needs to be altered in such a way that it will override the practice of selective democracy by factions and vested interests.
The solution according to him lies in nonpartisan elections and government with more democracy. In this age of communications and information technology, the Constitution should be amended so as to establish direct democracy by means of secure voting networks connected to voter's homes. All elections would be conducted over the voting networks. In this proposed system the elected representatives would be nonpartisan, highly qualified professional government managers. ...
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