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Essay example - My Hurricane Katrina Experience

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When I saw the news on television and heard about the storm, I asked my parents if we were going to leave our homes. They said, 'they did not know'. I was really terrified by the visuals of the storm being displayed in the media. We were told to leave the place by the city government and I also packed some of my belongings for 2 days and left to Livonia, Louisiana, where my uncle and grandparents live…

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Finally my family was able to move into our home only in October 2007.
My family left New Orleans on August 28, 2005 to live with my uncle in Livonia, Louisiana. We stayed there until the Christmas Break. I attended the Livonia High School for one month, transferred to Catholic High in New Roads, Louisiana. While attending Livonia High School I had a very sad experience of being treated unfairly on the basis of my race. I was even called racist names by some of the fellow students. This was tearing me apart as I had never undergone such a nasty experience. At times, I used to feel very angry and started losing my temper. I felt like fighting with those students. The Peer pressure almost would have resulted in my doing something that I would have surely regretted later. I Prayed to GOD and asked him to control my temper and change the hearts of those who were treating me wrongly. My prayers were answered and after some time those who treated me wrongly became my friends.
This was indeed a very frightening, fearful, and furious experience for me. ...
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