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Essay example - Individual Conflict Assessment

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Social conflict is like a storm. If the interpersonal realm is like weather, the metrological forces in the atmosphere are like the behaviors people engage in to meet their needs and wants. When these forces meet certain conditions with respect to one another, the potential for a storm occurs…

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Conflict in my family of origin is best described as disparate. It has been such that the meteorological forces of some have traditionally absorbed the sentiment of others, or that the continued momentum of some behaviors has overrun the momentum of others. Conflict in my family has often been asymmetrical.
Personally, I have been feeling very stressed about conflict. I often feel that I am damned if I do and damned if I don't. For example, if someone takes issue with me and I do not resist, they will often press until they see what they believe to be capitulation. Conversely, if someone takes issue with me and I object, they will often accuse me of being unruly or rude. What is worse is that more often than not, the issue is petty.
Likewise, I often felt much stressed about conflict within my family of origin. I often felt that my voice was not heard, that I was often framed, and that for me there was no real justice at home. When Mom and Dad were at work, it was survival of the fittest between the siblings present. Some days you were more fit than others, and sometimes you just didn't have the strength to fight back. In the end, Mom and Dad rarely sided with me. I guess the stress comes from the knowledge that sometimes no one will be there to look out for you no matter how ugly things get.
The most disturbing conflict I have had ove ...
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