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The Importance of Africa as a Civilization and People

"One of the first known clues to this question of where man originated came from fossils found in the Afar depression in Ethiopia in the early 1970's." (Man). More importantly, the continent has been inundated with many alien cultures starting from the Muslim influence to the colonization in the latter part of the nineteenth century. But in spite of this swarm of cultures, the continent has been able to maintain its ancient individuality. There may be many reasons for this situation. It could be that the land is inhospitable in many places. The climate may be too harsh for alien cultures with tropical rain forests to deserts that are found here in abundance. The culture or aggressiveness of some of the tribes found in the land may have prevented the dilution of such cultures. It could also be that the African way of thinking that has been a subject of study by many historians and anthropologists may have had an influence in keeping the ancient ways of life, vibrant in some places and diluted in others. In all probability it could have been a mix of all the above factors that have been instrumental in helping the people of that continent to maintain their individuality. But what this paper attempts to prove is that the so called African system of thought has to a large extent been responsible for the preservation of culture and civilization even if it is in a diluted form. ...
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For a person who has attended school, the first thought that comes to the mind when the word Africa is heard is that it is the Dark Continent. This mistaken perception leads one to believe that it is a land full of forests, fierce tribes, poisoned arrows, wild animals, and huge reptiles…
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