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Essay example - International Ethics

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The unequal distribution of wealth and power available will affect the entire nation, bringing every democratic institute into a compromising situation. The relevance of principles of democracy and self-determination were seen as the things which are to be compromised in the happening tragedies…

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military found themselves in a similar position, and Somalia became, quite explicitly, a guinea pig for 'humanitarian intervention' in the 'new world order.' Even though the military-humanitarian intervention failed, the precedents in international practice that it set still stand, and there are many who now seek to return to the ideas of a more aggressive international policing role for the United Nations."
Here it is the case of not only unequal distribution of wealth but also the lack of necessities that initiated the disturbance and finally conspiracy theory made a situation that is ripe for international intervention putting the face of 'relevance in democracy and self determination'. The self determination is a mockery in this intervention as the intervention was a result of lack of unity and intactness in the society. When these are absent one cannot think of irrelevance of democracy and self-determination as these two are the inherent qualities of a democratic and self-determined state.
The NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia beginning on March 24, 1999 did not occur in a vacuum but rather followed ten years of regional conflict and aggression inspired and orchestrated by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.
Until 1991, Yugoslavia was one nation comprised of six republics: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. ...
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