The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins GilmanJournal

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The story is about a woman who apparently was informed by her husband and another physician that she is sick. But the young married wife did not believe she was sick. She believes the people around her were wrong.
Being taken to a rented rest ancestral house which is quite an old one where she could physically recuperate, she developed a special distraction with the fading, torn and old wallpaper on the room given for her.


I can say that the woman must have been too repressed with herself and her husband. She wrote that although the husband listens to her plea, like the time she requested to visit a cousin, or a relative because the creepy wallpaper has slowly gotten into her, the husband did not care that she cried of desperation.
She was already developing schizophrenia at that stage and it did not do her any better to be isolated, therefore, having limited conversation with her sister-in-law and husband. Isolation could be awful to a distressed person, normal, semi-normal, or those bordering on insanity. It makes the mind either go unchecked or imbalanced.
Being a student, I myself have experienced depression quite similar to the woman in The Yellow Wallpaper. But I try to seek distraction from friends, music, and available entertainment from the internet. And these activities take me off the unhealthy state of my mind and psyche.
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