Brutal Imagination by Cornelius Eady

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Brutal Imagination" as a collection of poetry based on a true story about the case of Susan Smith, and "My Face" as a poem from this collection reveal Cornelius Eady's revolt against racism, but at the same time his poetry reveals the sorrow of all the African-Americans for being imagined as brutes, as unworthy people, even nowadays…


Racism has existed throughout human history. It may be defined as the hatred of one person by another -- or the belief that another person is less than human -- because of skin color, language, customs, place of birth or any factor that supposedly reveals the basic nature of that person. It has influenced wars, slavery, the formation of nations, and legal codes ("Racism" ).
Racism has also been the subject of many worldwide famous poets' work. Cornelius Eady, born 1954, is one among the many who deals with race and class in his poetry. He has published seven collections of poetry and has been awarded many honors, nominations for awards, and awards. His poetry output consists of: "Kartunes"(1980), "Victims of the Latest Dance Craze" (1985), "BOOM BOOM BOOM" (1988), "The Gathering of My Name" (1991), "You Don't Miss Your Water (1995) "The Autobiography of a Jukebox" (1997), and "Brutal imagination" (2001), later adapted into a play that opened off-Broadway at the Vineyard. "Brutal Imagination", which was a finalist for the National Book Award, also gave the basis for the libretto for a roots opera "Running Man", (1999 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize), which was actually a rounding up of the collection.
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