The relationship between iron and zinc status and treatment of ADHD (subject to modification) - Essay Example

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The relationship between iron and zinc status and treatment of ADHD (subject to modification)

Diagnosis is therefore rather subjective and obtaining epidemiological data is cumbersome. Co-morbidities are often present and these make diagnosis even more difficult (Rowland, Lesesne et al. 2002). Despite these limitations, there are valid data that suggest that ADHD seems to have a higher rate of occurrence in white children than in black children in the USA (1.7% to 4.4% in 1997) according to treatment records obtained by physicians. (Olfson, Gameroff et al. 2003). Also, the national epidemiological survey in UK showed a lower prevalence of ADHD in black children than in white children (0.4% to 1.6%) (Meltzer, Gatward et al. 2000). There is the postulation that cases of ADHD in black children could possibly have been under-diagnosed in these societies simply because black families possibly lack access to health facilities due to poorer economic status. This argument may not be valid considering that even higher access to facilities by black families have not resulted in increased diagnosis of cases of ADHD in them. Moreover, the U.K epidemiological survey cuts across racial and socioeconomic barriers. ...
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While it has been established that more males are affected than females by ADHD, the family environment may be an important factor in the symptom rating. In a cohort study carried out in Northern Finland on 6,888 15-year olds, results of parental rating scales show that girls fare better in attention problem sub-scale and the rule breaking behavior subscale…
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