Do the Right Thing

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Director Spike Lee's, "Do the Right Thing" (1989) is a powerful film that explores myriad issues that are relevant to this day, thereby making it a timeless classic. Set in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, the film depicts a microcosm of American society where people from different ethnic backgrounds, attempt unsuccessfully to coexist.


This research paper will attempt an analysis of the film pertaining to social class, racial issues, human nature, morality, and historical significance while trying to prove that it is indeed a masterpiece and far from incendiary.
The Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood is inhabited mainly by African-Americans but the grocery is run by Koreans, the pizzeria by an Italian-American Sal and his two sons, Pino and Vito and to round out the ethnic assortment, the Brownstone is owned by a yuppie named Clive. Mookie, the pizza-delivery boy is a pivotal character and represents the tenuous link between the Blacks and Whites. Mookie's friend Buggin Out gets into a dispute with Sal concerning his Wall of fame which does not feature any prominent Blacks. The latter retorts sharply and Buggin Out leaves in high dudgeon. This particular incident sets in motion the events which will result in the death of a black man (Radio Raheem), Buggin Out's arrest, and the burning down of Sal's famous pizzeria.
As the story picks up pace, the very atmosphere cackles with the intensity of unresolved conflicts rooted in history as well as mired in the present. ...
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