The Nursing Shortage

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The twenty first century is seeing an unprecedented shortage of qualified nurse worldwide. While the causes for this calamitous shortage range from availability of other more attractive jobs women to the ageing of the existing nurse population. With the non availability of fresh trained nurses, the burden of work falls on the existing nurses who are already overworked.


Unless some wise decisions are taken which result in increasing the nurse population, the ageing general public will have a hard time in the future when they need the services of a nurse.
My friend Thomas, when he had an ankle injury recently while playing basketball, had to wait in the hospital emergency room for a long time till he was attended to. The reason for his long wait: there were too few nurses, and they were all too busy. This is the story in all hospitals in the country. There is a dire shortage of nurses throughout the world. and it is affecting the health services everywhere. Fewer young women are opting to take up nursing as their profession.
Considered one of the noblest professions, nursing has traditionally been the territory of women. Ever since the well born Florence Nightingale took up nursing in the late nineteenth century, it has attracted intelligent, educated and dedicated women . Although there are male nurses who are indispensable, their numbers are very small.
The nurse is the indispensable helpmeet of the doctor and the patient. Her work is manifold- She helps the physician in his office, she cleans and bandages minor injuries, and gives emotional support to the patient. She can even help a pregnant woman in her labor. ...
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