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Knowledge and Horizon of Ignorance

The similarity between the definition for knowledge and that of ignorance is that both involve the need to understand (or not) of a "subject" or "something". This writer believes there are two keys points that provide direction to this essay statement. The first point is that there must be a purpose for expanding the field of knowledge. Working towards understanding a purpose or subject can only reduce the lack of knowledge in that specific area, and, as a result, reduce the horizon of ignorance. Secondly, while field of knowledge is most commonly understood to encompass the compartmentalized areas of pursuits like mathematics, natural and human sciences, history, the arts, and ethics, it must also be noted that without the ability to justify the knowledge within these fields (often using self-awareness, intuition, faith, and logic, authority) and form a point of view, knowledge is useless and the horizon for ignorance increases. ...
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In an interview with The Paris Review in 1961 in London, Henry Miller was asked if there was a particular type of writer that draws him. He responded "people read to be amused, to pass time, or to be instructed I read to be taken out of myself, to become ecstatic." (Wickes 21) Miller's interpretation of acquiring knowledge is not to amass what he does not know, but to draw from what others know…
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