International Advertising WPP's Digital Push

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The digitalization of the economies and an unprecedented increase in the usage of internet have led to marked changes in the consumer behavior, which calls for an immediate transition to innovative approaches to selling and merchandizing (On-Lyne 2005). This requires the regular businesses and especially the advertising companies to shift to E-business oriented organizational approaches and strategies.


In order to ensure sustenance in today's globalized scenario, the advertising industries need to redesign, reframe and refurbish their approach to the overall concept of advertising. The competition in the contemporary advertising industry is not so much about scoring over one's rivals, but more about assuring a timely transition from traditional business models to E-business models.
1. Survival in the Contemporary Advertising Scenario is a Fast-paced and Perpetual Process: The traditional advertising business was more of a predictable and a relatively lethargic system that resorted to and adapted to change at a slow pace. However, the contemporary advertising industry being dependent on internet and information technology is a perpetually evolving and a continually altering business. The advertising professionals ought to be always on their toes to benefit from and incorporate the upcoming opportunities unleashed by technological changes.
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