Quality Nursing Care

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Nursing has been one of the noblest professions which have its roots deep down in humanity. Even though profound credit is always specified to doctors but nursing is what without which even medicine and doctors' efforts all are in vain because taking care of the patient, giving medicine on time and keeping check of patient's vital metabolic activities are not the only support that is provided by nurses, they provide moral, emotional and psychological support to the patient which if provided in proper mannerism can accelerate patient recovery.


She was Madeleine Leininger who was among the first graduate to gain doctorate degree in anthropology and she thought to add new dimension to nursing by introducing culture relevant caring technique which was introduced as a concept and later mature into a specialized domain in nursing and known to be as transcultural nursing.
"A substantive area of study and practice focused on comparative cultural care (caring) values, beliefs and practices of individuals or groups of similar or different cultures. Transcultural nursling's goal is to provide culture specific and universal nursing care practices for the health and well-being of people or to help them face unfavorable human conditions, illness or death in culturally meaningful ways"
Culture and care has been associated in nursing in transcultural setting where care is provided with accordance to person's culture. Care according to Leininger is termed as a powerful and dynamic force to understand the totality of human behavior in health and sickness (p 2).
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