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World War II (1939-19450 was one of the important events in the world history. I selected this event because it changed global history of mankind and transformed international relations of all states and nations. World War II had a great impact on social order and international relations between the nations and continents.


The Allies and the Axis were reluctant to follow any line that risked running into the antagonism of the other for fear of alienating their ally and therefore endangering one of the precepts of their distant policies. In an epoch of growing international anxiety and doubt, the Germany remained one of the few relatively sure supports upon which they could depend on (Adams, 2007). Certainly, in the formulation and conduct of international war policy the significance attached to the views and position of the other was considerable, indeed the contacts and discussions between them were often decisive. The history of the World War II suggests that the greatest impact this war had in African and Asian countries through the processes of decolonization and modernization coming to these geographical regions (McGowen, 2002).
In spite of great evils caused by the war, many developing countries became independent immediately after the end of the war, but the war changed the national consciousness and self-determination of the nations. For either to be successful the co-operation of their partner was considered imperative. ...
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