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Industrialization grew exponentially after WWII. Immediate gratification took away the pain many suffered as a result. Our future offspring and what tasks were needed to survive in the 1950's as a functional model of society became a main focus. The start of this revolution wasn't intended to create failures in society; it was to teach our young the importance of the societal rules and what is expected of them as adults.
The first 'mini mom' model of a kitchen and the vacuum cleaner came to the market. The idea was new to most households and families wanting to beat the Jones' at being the first to have the finest toys possible. Society says it is acceptable and expected to mimic our parents and their roles they play. This is good training, Right Barthes says, "French toys are based on imitation, they were meant to produce children who are users, not creators" (Barthes, pg. 55). Social acceptance in gender based toys was positive and this increase in popularity enticed engineers to create even more plastic, gender based toys forgetting the roots of what society was made from. ...
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It's okay for kids to be bored sometimes. The stimulation in today's world has created the unnecessary need for toys that bring on yet more stimulation. Are these toys, stated in Barthes's writings "Toys", the destruction of tomorrow's generations Barthes believed that these Toys would influence our future because they gender type through mimicking adult behaviors, do not build imagination, and are made of synthetic materials which are foreign to nature…
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