Mamagement of information technology

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Management Information Systems (MIS) is one of the key tools for an organizations endurance as it plays a significant role in the commercial industry as it does in all further industries. It offer the management by the essential information in a punctual and precise manner that can help them in making decisions, prospect planning and all further business functions.


Is MIS a failed discipline Have we gone on for almost three decades without making progress" (Briggs, Robert O., Nunamaker, Jay & Sprague, Ralph, 2000:5-10)
In the beginning of twentieth century, revolution began in knowledge and information then accelerated gradually thereafter. It became now the foundation for many new services and products where in 1974 applications pushed the limits of human ability. As information system, research advanced so did user expectations. And the question raised is how individuals, organization can adjust in order to leverage the delivery of information technology.
The infrastructure of the information technology (IT) affords the base for an organization to construct its information system needed to complete the work and provide the employee with all the necessary information. However, management decisions regarding IT are very critical because it affects employees' productivity and performance and therefore, it may affect the organization's overall success(Gareth R.Jones, 2000).
"Across all industries nevertheless, developing countries are increasingly deploying IT to solve their development problems. ...
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