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Every field of study makes claims of its own nobility. Each life pursuit has its own proclaimed honor, and each seeks to place itself about the others. Physicians purport the value of saving lives. Physicists argue about complex equations.


I want nothing more than to study ourselves.Is anything as important to people as people The world is made up of cultures. Societies as wide and varied as the people that comprise them. I have developed a passion for learning about people from different social and cultural backgrounds, partly because of my own migration from India to the United States in April of 1984; the same year The Karate Kid was released, though that is probably unrelated. My first-hand experience gradually acclimating to a foreign culture piqued my interest in a career in Cultural Anthropology. Since then, I have solidified my desires to pursue a PHD in the subject, and take my place among the world's academics, to proudly represent the anthropological world, and to gather and spread knowledge of ourselves.My research interest is to study and write about immigrant populations in the United States. I myself was an immigrant and so I have always found it fantastically interesting to learn about other immigrant groups and their experiences in America.In America, there are members of nearly every ethnic group in the world, excepting maybe pygmies. America is the most interesting anthropological experiment in all of human history; the integration of all the cultures on the planet into one, roiling mass of flavor and experiences. Never has such an outlandish goal been realized so successfully ...
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