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Rosemann and Wiese (1999) define ERP system as customisable, standard application software which includes integrated business solutions for the core processes and the main administrative functions. As may be deduced from the foregoing definition and as confirmed by Rizzi and Aamboni (1999) an ERP system is integrated software for enterprise business organisation, management, and supervision…

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ERP systems are complex and warrant careful planning and execution for successful implementation (Somers and Nelson, 2001). They are not purely software systems, and their implementation is not merely an IT project. An ERP system affects how a business conducts itself , and affects an organisation's business processes, people's jobs, and information flows (Bingi et al., 1999). Therefore, and due to the complex and integrated nature of an ERP package, the large investments involved (time and money), and the relatively high implementation failure rates, it is imperative for organisations to study the experiences of others, and learn from their practices and success factors. In essence, organisations have to learn how to identify the critical issues of ERP implementation to realise the benefits and to avoid implementation failure (Holland and Light, 1999).
Implementing an ERP system is for many organisations the largest project they have ever undertaken, entailing the largest potential advantages and possibly the largest potential risks. Davenport (1998), Gibson et al. ...
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