Bribery and Scandals

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Bribery has always been seen as an unethical practice and no one in their right moral sense would endorse it. But bribery like abortion is a very complex subject and a clear line between what's right and wrong may not even exist. Hence to identify when bribery is actually unethical and when it is not, we need to define bribery properly.


This is because when bribery is used as a mean, it gives one part unfair advantage over the other and hence kills the spirit and the very meaning of unfair play.
Salt Lake City won the bid for hosting Winter Olympics 2002 and this meant commercial business worth $2.8 billion. The City had already once lost the bid to Nagano and was simply not willing to take no for an answer when bidding began in 1995. The decision had definitely created huge excited and enthusiasm and every thing looked good till an ugly bribery scandal was unearthed in 1998 and 1999. "The actions of Salt Lake bid committee members were a reaction to the 1991 loss to Nagano. Salt Lake bid officials believed their bid was technically superior to other cities in the competition, but they felt the city lost because Nagano bid officials had done more to appeal to individual IOC members. The Japanese bid was believed to have won support among IOC members when, for example, a substantial contribution was made by a Japanese business to the Olympic museum in Switzerland, a pet project of IOC President Samaranch." (Burbank)
Someone this gave the Salt City officials the idea that in order to win the bid, it was best to have personal close relationships with members of the International Organizing Committee. ...
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